Nicolás Janowski AR, 1980

Lens Based Artist, anthropologist and curator born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1980.

Janowski's work can’t be decontextualized from research processes. His projects explore the link within the Latin American territory deconstructing the concept of identity and the sense of belonging from an explicit subjectivity. 

The idea of ​​historical context is central in his narratives, approached from a multimedia perspective. Janowski's late projects are characterized by using different mediums to support, complement, narrate and articulate stories: Offscreen sound, narrative sound, text, cartography and archival images are some  key elements often used in Janowski’s work to recreate the idea of territory and habitat. 


His most recent projects, both while teaching and in his own artistic practice, are based on collaborative and experimental premises. He is mainly interested in working with architects, sound engineers, philosophers, dancers and political activists. His most recent work (2018-2019) is mainly sculptural, painting and sound landscapes.


Among other awards and distinctions, he has received the Repsol Lima Photo Award in 2014, 2013  recognitions by Burn for emerging Photographer award from Magnum Foundation and PhotoVisura Award. In 2015, TIME Magazine highlighted him as one of the 9 photographers to follow in Argentina. His book Fin del Mundo co-published by Chaco & Universidad de Cadiz, Spain, has been awarded the 1st Latin American Photobook Prize in 2017. In 2018 & 2019 Vist Project, Open Society Foundation & CI México commissioned him his last 2 projects.

He has exhibited individually in most countries in Latin America, Europe and the United States. His oeuvre is part of public and private collections. Argentina’s National Beaux Art Museum and Moscow’s Contemporary Art Museum. 


Beside from his artistic practice, he collaborates in activities related to Consulting, Curatorship and Management for different platforms whose main activity is the development and dissemination of contemporary Latin American photography. In 2017 he was the guest curator of the San José Foto International Photography Festival (Uruguay)

As a teacher and researcher he has taught workshops at different reference centers in Europe and Latin America and has been a jury of international awards, among which the García Marquez Foundation for the new Ibero-American journalism (Colombia), the FELIFA prize of the author's book fair (Arg), Magenta Foundation International Prize (Canada) and the Photojournalism Prize for Peace Juan Antonio Serrano (Ecuador).

Since 2016 he is a nominator for the 6x6 Talent of World Press Photo and the same year he was one of the 10 × 10 CLAP Latin America Photobook nominators. Since 2018, he has been nominator for WorldPress Photo of the Joop Masterclass.