Pampa de Castillo 455

Cusco, 08002


PERU + 51 948 647 866


Attention Hours: 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11-13hs and 14-18hs (or by appointment at  




VIGIL GONZALES galería is conceived as a contemporary art gallery,  a space located in the Peruvian Andes, which proposes to promote the agency of artists within the Latin American and global scene. The gallery is designed as a site for research and cultural, disciplinary and knowledge exchange.


Within the framework of a global artistic production where the questions and motives raised are part of a common unknown, VIGIL GONZALES promotes the exhibition of artists based in Latin America and the United States. The purpose is based on making visible the "dialects" - marked by the regions where the artists work - that make up the contemporary language of art. 

In the same way as the artists that constitutes our roster, VIGIL GONZALES has been thought of as an active node within the international scene.



Team Members

Aristides Gonzales-Vigil 



Andrea Mejía 

Gallery Manager 


Matías Helbig