Benjamín Cieza Hurtado b. 1991

Benjamín Cieza Hurtado (Lima, 1991) graduated from the School of Art and Design of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú with a degree in Painting. His work explores through domestic and urban visuality the elements that shape his identity and place in the city. Work, social mobility, affection and interpersonal relationships are processes that she is interested in recognizing as a fundamental part of her development and that of the other members of the society in which she finds herself. Recently his work has inquired about higher education and interpersonal relationships from the domestic space.
Interested in the development of curatorial projects between 2013 and 2015 he was part of the management and curatorial team of the Encuentro de Artes Visuales - PUCP, a series of conferences and activities that brought together the visual and academic production on contemporary art taking place in Lima. This content was organized under thematic axes aimed at students and interested public. In 2018 she was a founding member of the Victoria Sánchez project, which through the exhibitions it produced and its curatorship explored the material and semantic qualities around the art object and the context in which it is placed.
Among her studies are the seminars "Figuring history" and "Strategies of appropriation of images in social circulation" by Mijail Mitrovic, "Six exhibitions" by Gisselle Giron, "Making the dead dance" by Gilda Mantilla and "Curating and creating exhibitions" by Gerardo Mosquera. 
Cieza Hurtado is present in various Latin American and US collections including Espacio 23 (Miami, FL).