Centro Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires, 6 - 9 October 2022 

VIGIL GONZALES is pleased to present an exhibition project whose axes gravitate on the themes of different struggles of women’s rights, indigenous peoples’ vindication, mobilization and decolonization.

Through different artistic expressions conceptually traversed by the historical review of the formation of social struggles that have taken place in Peru since 1960, for the exhibition project to be presented, the work of Alfredo Marquez, Natalia Iguiñiz Boggio, José Luis Martinat and Fernando Nureña is proposed.

The work of the artists to be presented goes beyond a transcendence in the aesthetic potential but discusses and dialogues with the  political field and social action. This performative act is reiterated as a reflection and atonement of existence, revealing the transforming power of art.

Iguiñiz in her work addresses issues such as the violation, exploitation and violation of human rights. She places special empha sis on the violation of women’s bodies in a macho, patriarchal and colonial society, drawing links between political violence and patriarchal power. Belonging to this same generation, Márquez develops a body of work where his social concerns make him reflect on the vindication of social struggles and leaders of revolution that are still valid today.

Nureña, through the revision of archives, constructs images that represent specific moments in the history of Peru charged with political and social content. In this experimentation and variation of the support, he moves from an archival object to a painting that reinterprets and offers the possibility of new reflections. This same process is carried out by Martinat through his works where he criticizes specific moments of Peruvian history and its materiality. He eliminates the original meaning of the work and creates the possibility of new associations and interpretations.