Ningún lugar adonde ir: Fernando Nureña solo show

3 September - 20 October 2022
No place to go | Fernando Nureña
1. I believe that the way of life we reproduce often seems to lead us -despite living saturated with optimism and good vibes- to nowhere.
2. This group of paintings geographically travels through some spaces that interest me for the historical sediment they possess. It may seem that the landscape frames I have chosen and the way of representing them -very distant and very ethereal-, frame a melancholic and in some sense romanticized look. But beyond that look, what has interested me for some years now is to get closer and even with a certain remoteness, to find a shared historical sense between them.
3. For a current sensibility, which is nothing but a neoliberal one, what happens in these places is something that is flatly wrong. A massacre, the extraction of a resource, the melting of a mountain range. But what is wrong cannot be processed as a product of a mode of economic organization that has existed since the mid-1970s under the government of Morales Bermudez.
4. If perhaps the title I propose for this exhibition is a pessimistic and closed slogan: that there is no place to go, something that motivates this project has to do with imagining the reverse of these images and their possible exits.