Martín Rodriguez Miglio

Lives and works in Lima, Peru.

Graduated in Visual Arts from the Escuela de Arte Corriente Alterna. In his work he borrows resources and tools from fiction to talk about current events, market operations, the contemporary art world and about himself. When superimposed, these structures lose their original form to the point of not being recognizable. This makes possible a different reading of the reality in which we live.

HehasexhibitedhisworkinToday,virtualgroupshow(AbrirGalería2021),Carpainterdimensional in elaboration with Andrés Hare and El Garajr (El Garajr, Lima 2020), Procedimientos para atravesar el tiempo (Crisis Galería, Lima 2019), ¿Ideas de arte contemporáneo? publication, as part of the fair of independent publications of the exhibition “Desordenar el sistema” (Wu Galería, Lima 2018), ¿Ideas de arte de arte contemporáneo? in Pequeñas Resistencias (Corriente Alterna, Lima 2017), F.E.ria de A.rte (Corriente Alterna, Lima 2016).

Within his training he has taken workshops on Criticism and writing about art, by Mijail Mitrovic and Andrés Hare (2018), Cine desde otro lado by Maya Watanabe and Fernando Vilchez (2015), Arduino by Andrés León-Geyer (2015). His work has been selected to participate in the residency La Fabrique, Alliance Française (2021).